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ASN-TAK introduction and information

ASN-TAKFor the purposes of airsoft, the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) is a software suite capable of supporting mission planning and navigation, as well as communication and coordination b...

In tak, Mar 19, 2022

Where to begin

The Norwegian airsoft community is dispersed through a series of facebook groups and discord servers. There are historic and geographical reasons for how they are distributed, resulti...

In beginners, Mar 19, 2022

The Norwegian Airsoft Association

The Norwegian Airsoft Association (NASF) serves a few main purposes that make it an incredible tool for you as a player.

In beginners, Mar 19, 2022

Before you buy - Common mistakes to avoid

Self awarenessAs a new player you do not yet have the information needed to discern good advise from stores trying to exploit your lack of knowledge. Therefore we strongly urge you to...

In beginners, Mar 19, 2022

AirsoftNorge is back!

AirsoftNorge.com has returned!

In announcements, Mar 02, 2022

FPS to joule calculator

Calculator that allows you to quickly convert from FPS to Joule.

In resources, Jan 01, 2022