Welcome to AirsoftNorge.com

Staff Staff Mar 20, 2022 · 1 min read
Welcome to AirsoftNorge.com

AirsoftNorge.com is a site dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and information for the Norwegian airsoft community.

The online airsoft community in Norway currently exists as a widely dispersed array of facebook groups, discord channels and smaller club-specific websites and forums.
An unfortunate side effect of this, is that unlike the era of large centralized discussion boards, there no longer is a persistent knowledgebase people can look up, to find answers to questions that the community has answered a million times over.

Our hope is to change this, and turn ASN into the go-to site where the collective knowledge of the community can be documented and stored for anyone interested in the airsoft hobby.
In service of this, we have changed our publishing language to English, in the hopes that content on our site can also serve as a resources airsofters outside of Norway going forward.

On our site, you will find introductory guides for newcomers to the airsoft hobby, guides and information on the ASN-TAK infrastructure we operate, resources like wiring diagrams for radio accessories, and a wide array of helpful instructional content and guides.

You can also find us

  • On Facebook
    Where we will post news and announcements from AirsoftNorge

  • On Discord
    Where we encourage you to engage in discussion with the rest of the community, and where we also accept suggestions and submissions for future content on the site

  • On YouTube
    Where we will upload instructional content

Additionally, we can also be reached by email, should you wish to contact us in private.