Why The Norwegian Airsoft Association?

Staff Staff Mar 19, 2022 · 1 min read
Why The Norwegian Airsoft Association?

The Norwegian Airsoft Association (NASF) serves a few main purposes that make it an incredible tool for you as a player.

As a politically recognized sports association with airsoft in their program, NASF must be consulted before making any changes to laws that would impact airsoft as a sport in Norway. The existence of a recognized association like this is the best guarantee we can have for airsoft staying legal in Norway for the forseeable future. It’s worth remembering that airsoft was illegal in Norway until 2001.

Common ruleset allows crossplay

A democratically voted for common set of rules makes crossplay between clubs easy, and with the principle of it not being pay-to-win, the rules are very beginner friendly. These rules can be changed if so desired in a general assembly that is organized once per year.

The ruleset mainly covers muzzle energy, safety distances and approved certification for safety glasses.

Dental insurance

While accidents are rare, dental bills can be a heavy burden for some. NASF providing dental insurance for its members when games are organized by NASF, using the NASF ruleset let you enjoy the sport without excessive protective gear or fear of financial ruin.

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