How to program the TCA PRC 148

AdakaR AdakaR Mar 20, 2022 · 1 min read
How to program the TCA PRC 148

This guide assumes you have both a functional programming cable and access to the TCA-148 software.

Programming cable drivers if on win 11 or higher

Verify that you do not have this issue in Device Manager in Windows:


In which case proceed to follow this guide first.

Not all radios are identical so make sure you keep a backup of the original radio configuration!

  • Connect the TCA 148 to your computer, open the TCA-148 software and turn on the radio.

  • Press Set(S) and select Communication Port(C), pick the correct com port for your radio.

  • Select Program and download the current configuration from your radio:

  • Once downloaded select Save as and save it as a backup.

  • Adjust it to match the following, you can reference the PMR16 channels chart.

  • Make sure that options are set to what you need, 6.25khz is fine, 12,5khz is the normal step for norwegian radio channels:
  • And write to the radio
  • Turn off the radio, disconnect it from the computer and your radio should now be programmed.