How to program a radio with CHIRP

AdakaR AdakaR Mar 20, 2022 · 1 min read
How to program a radio with CHIRP

In this guide we will go through the steps to program the most common handheld radios, icom, baofeng and puxxing among the most widespread. We will do this using CHIRP, a open source community driven radio programming software.

Make sure to verify that your radio is on the supported radios list, if your model is not there it might be available as a custom driver if you google your radio name + chirp.

Always download the config first - as you cannot safely assume equal model names means equal firmware.

This guide assumes you have a functional programming cable for you radio.

  • Download CHIRP.

  • Connect the radio to your computer, open chirp and turn on the radio.

  • Download the radio’s current setup: Radio -> Download from Radio

  • Upload the configuration to your radio:
  • Upon confirmation of success turn of your radio and disconnect.