Residual energy at distance calculator

AdakaR AdakaR Mar 20, 2022 · 1 min read
Residual energy at distance calculator

This calculator helps determine the residual energy of a BB at a certain distance. It’s meant to help you pick the right bullet weight for your area and verify observations made in-game. As a general rule, a heavier BB will be more accurate and reach longer, but it will be slower in relatively close distances, meaning you must balance what you want vs. the area where you play, the skill of the opponents and your playstyle.


  • Zero meters above sea level assumption
  • Air density setup for maximized range, high moisture content will lower range.
  • BB size 5.95mm
  • Rounding down
  • This is accurate energy levels at range, it does not care if your BB would have hit the ground by now.
Weight (Grams)
Muzzle energy (Joule)
Distance (Meters)

Residual energy in joule at selected distance: