WinTAK setup guide

Staff Staff Apr 06, 2022 · 2 mins read
WinTAK setup guide

Before using any TAK software, please make yourself familiar with the products and the potential privacy implications. More info here.

Setting up WinTAK for ASN-TAK

Note: WinTAK requires your Windows installation to have English as the display language.

Setting up the servers.

Exctract the certificates to a folder of your choice

Open up WinTAK and in the bottom right corner click the TAK Network Status

From there select Manage Server Connections

This is where you add servers, for each one (Red, Blue, Yellow) you will need to complete the following steps:

Click Add Item

Fill in as follows

Select Install Certificate Authority:

Here you select the server.p12 file and use the password atakatak and click OK

Select Install Client Certificate

Here you select the ASN-TAK.p12 file and use the password atakatak and click OK

Click OK until you see the server as shown here

Repeat the steps for the remaining servers you want to add.

Importing elevation data.

Extract the DTED data to C:\ProgramData\WinTAK\DTED

Make sure the folder looks like this when done.

Restart WinTAK and you now will have elevation data.

Verify in the bottom when you mouse over an area.