Streaming video with ASN-TAK

AdakaR AdakaR May 27, 2022 · 1 min read
Streaming video with ASN-TAK

This guide covers the real time streaming protocol server available for use with ASN-TAK. Typical usecases for this is with drones using ATAK UAS, your cellphone camera using ATAK ICU or any other RTSP compatible device/software feed to others in TAK.

ATAK ICU comes with the ATAK package, UAS tool can be downloaded from

Settings for ASN-TAK

It’s important to only stream on your assigned team, as you do not want to broadcast your location to the other side.

  • rtsp://
  • rtsp://
  • rtsp://

ASN-TAK will attempt to associate your callsigns last known location with the stream.

If your callsign does not match it will still be available in the video feed tab and location is assumed Lon/Lat 0.0.

Videofeed seen in WinTAK

Videofeed seen in ATAK

Feed from simulated drone shown in ATAK on a tablet.

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