Before you buy - Common mistakes to avoid

Staff Staff Mar 19, 2022 · 3 mins read
Before you buy - Common mistakes to avoid

Self awareness

As a new player you do not yet have the information needed to discern good advise from stores trying to exploit your lack of knowledge. Therefore we strongly urge you to try airsoft out a bit before you buy anything.

Try as many guns as possible to see if something stands out, and be aware that all airsoft guns are terrible and airsoft-youtube consists mostly of advertisements, and people giving only their first impressions of a system, without having extended experience with it.

Test glasses/goggles for fit to avoid expensive protective equiptment that does not fit.

Sniper rifles in airsoft is not as portrayed on the internet. For most people, the minimum engagement distances, combined with the lack of skill will make it a horrible route for a new player. Any somewhat organized opponent will run you down real fast. It’s better to start out without restrictions and rather go down this route once you’re more experienced.

Things that are not intuitive that you should take some time to consider..

Protective glasses/goggles fit - You must ensure that under normal use there will not be gaps that would allow a BB to hit your eye, you can test this by trying to poke your eye with a cleaning rod when testing glasses, especially side entry is hard to guesstimate.

Teeth protection is something you should have a clear rationale for using/not using or what you are using. How relevant it is depends a lot on how your face and teeth are organized, if you expose front teeth when exhausted you should absolutely wear some sort of protection.

Glasses fogging up depends on something for the moisture to attach to and a temperature difference between the different sides of the lenses. The most common reason for glasses to fog up is because they are filthy, make sure they are clean to mitigate fogging as much as possible. Second most common reason is people wearing something infront of their face and a hat with a brim, trapping the warm air under the glasses. If you do none of these things and still fog consider a dual lense system like the bollé x800t or a fan.

You have tried airsoft a few times and want your own gear..

These are the purchases that are recommended to do in order. Consult discord if you need help with specifics.

  • ANSI Z87.1 or CE EN166 rated glasses. Try multiple models in your rental phase to find a good fit for your face.
  • An AEG from a reputable manufactorer with a power of 0.9J or lower. Any power above this comes with some restrictions, either not allowed in CQB, or minimum engagement distances.
  • Quality batteries, battery charger and a lithium battery charging bag for safety.
  • Quality Bio BBs
  • Quality speedloader.
  • High quality shoes, preferably with some amount of ankle support. Hiking shoes work great.
  • A uniform that you like. If you’ve already made some friends, or play with friends - matching uniforms will have you play on the same team. If you don’t like uniforms any hiking gear will also work fine.
  • A load bearing vest or chest rig for carrying magasines, water, spare batteries and other essentials. It’s wise to avoid expensive armor carriers at first.
  • A programmable radio on the PMR446 net.
  • A headset and push-to-talk switch compatible with your radio.