ASN-TAK for large event management

AdakaR AdakaR Sep 01, 2022 · 1 min read
ASN-TAK for large event management

Having complete situational awareness when hosting a large game is close to impossible, but by adding a dedicated server for game-admins we hope to improve awareness significantly. Each team using their dedicated TAK server will provide their command with valuable information, but for game admins you want to know everything at once and at a glance.

To solve this ASN offers to host dedicated game admin servers for events, where locations are federated one way to the game-admin server and color-coded.

This is the view if on all servers: Red and blue side is represented in this picture in addition to two game-admin assets.

Via the game-admin server you can see the people assigned their proper team colors. Red units are red, blue units are blue and game-admin assets are yellow.

To get this for your next big game contact us on Discord.

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