PRC 148 Replica comparison guide

AdakaR AdakaR Apr 23, 2023 · 1 min read
PRC 148 Replica comparison guide

PRC 148 MBITR Replica options

Model DOM F-pin vcc Harris compatible KDU support Software support Standard battery
TCA 148 2022 -> ❌* 4x 18650 in case
TCA 148 2019 ❌* 4x 18650 in case
TRI 148 2023 -> Lithium battery
TRI 148 <- 2020 Lithium battery

Feature Description
DOM Date of manufacture, as these radios keep changing and getting updates. Anything with a -> means current production or last production run
F-pin vcc Allows you to power speakers or PTTs like a invisio V60 from the radio.
Harris compatible Allows you to use real harris batteries.
Software support Allows you to setup channels, names, powerlevels via software, either on a PC or phone.
Standard battery What kind of battery or case the radio arrives with.

Supported Not supported Can be modifided for support