ITL Mini n/SEAS Operator's Manual

Ulfhednar Ulfhednar Dec 28, 2023 · 6 mins read
ITL Mini n/SEAS Operator's Manual

Since 2007, I have been obsessively collecting information, pictures and accessories for the Mini N/SEAS (Mini Night Single Eye Aquisition Sight) made by ITL, International Technologies (Lasers) LTD / ITL Optronics.
Over the course of these 16 years, I have never once even heard about someone being in possession of an Operator’s Manual for these night vision systems. I have even talked with soldiers that have the Mini N/SEAS as their issued NODs, where no one in their entire unit has had access to a manual for them, which has resulted in them being used in a manner that needlessly increases the soldiers’ risk of being detected - simply through ignorance of how their night vision units function.

Last week I received some N/SEAS transport cases from a surplus lot (facilitated by our Discord member Pikitoka - thank you!), and I was equal parts shocked and thrilled to find that one of the cases had an original Operator’s Manual in it, in near mint condition. Given that these manuals are virtually unobtainium, it seems only right to share this information with the community.
We now also have a channel for discussion of night vision on our Discord server which you are welcome to drop by if you’re interested in further discussion about the ITL Mini N/SEAS, other night vision systems, ATAK or just tactical gear and airsoft in general.

It was quite the pain in the arse to be able to scan this manual in a non-destructive manner, but the result turned out half-decent in the end, and I now present you with all 88 pages of Operator’s Manual for Mini N/SEAS, Mini Night Single Eye Aquisition Sight, version 12.01.
The physical manual is a small booklet, measuring 105 x 135 mm, and the images in this guide have been formatted to be true to that size, on a monitor with 1440p resolution.