AirsoftNorge is back!

Staff Staff Mar 02, 2022 · 3 mins read
AirsoftNorge is back! has returned!

After just shy of two months, we are finally back - with a new look and new format - and the intention of providing the same high level content you came to expect from our previous ASN Forum.

A short recap:

AirsoftNorge first went live on November 29th, 2018 - with a stated goal to become a hub of knowledge and discussion for the Norwegian airsoft community, in a format where knowledge would be preserved for posterity, as opposed to the fleeting nature of Facebook groups and discord servers. Through steady growth over three years, we had a relatively small, but dedicated userbase who consistently posted high quality content on our forums, as well as a steady influx of new users, many of which were entirely new to the airsoft hobby.
Then, in early February of this year, a change made by an external software vendor permanently bricked the AirsoftNorge Forums. Our time was initially spent on troubleshooting, but although we managed to recover the forum’s database in mostly intact condition, it became clear we would have to rebuild everything from scratch - or come up with something new.

The path forward for AirsoftNorge

Although we were overall very happy with the kind of discussion the ASN Forums fostered, we came to realize that a forum based on phpbb presented a surprisingly high barrier of entry to a lot of users who primarily use their phone to access the internet - and have decided on an entirely different approach for our new site.

    Our intention for the ASN site, is to function as a permanent repository for the combined knowledge of the Norwegian airsoft community. Rather than a forum consisting strictly of user generated content, the ASN site will be a more curated collection of articles, based on suggestions from the community - and we hope to recruit more contributors/writers to the site from the community over time.

  • AirsoftNorge on Discord
    To facilitate the kind of discussion we’re used to from the ASN Forums, but with a significantly reduced barrier to entry, we have chosen to establish a Discord server to serve as a supplement to the main ASN site. In addition to general airsoft discussion, sales/trades and sharing of pictures and videos - the Discord server will be the main source where we take suggestions from the community on what content you’d like to see on the site in the future.

You can join our Discord server here: @ Discord

  • AirsoftNorge on Facebook

The main purpose of our Facebook page, in addition to being a port of entry for new users, will be to keep you up to date with any behind the scenes work that may result in outages or other issues with our site, Discord server or other infrastructure. Additionally, we may also periodically share articles from the main ASN site to allow them to reach a wider audience.

You can follow our Facebook page here: @ Facebook

  • AirsoftNorge on YouTube

Our youtube channel currently exists entirely to feature instructional content, tutorials and how-to guides as a supplement to the main ASN site. Beyond that, we are open to suggestions from the community for what other kinds of video content you would like to see from us in the future.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here: @ YouTube

Welcome back to!
- staff